Lead Management

Lead management is a process in which incoming leads are captured, analyzed, and nurtured so that they can be converted into a prospect business opportunity resulting in a sale for the company.

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Capturing of Leads

Edutra CRM helps in capturing the leads from multiple channels, including website, phone calls, social media, and other various platforms without leakage of data. It accesses each contact's information and sees every interaction you've already had. Our CRM uses this data to create hyper-targeted campaigns that close more sales.

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Lead Nurturing

Lead Nurturing is the process of developing and reinforcing relationships with buyers at every stage of the sales funnel.

Lead nurturing is important to inbound marketing because it's your opportunity to provide value to your leads and customers and help them grow with your business.

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Lead Acquisition and Distribution

Lead acquisition architecture generally consists of a web form to collect consumer data, a database to temporarily or persistently store that information for subsequent distribution, and a software application (CRM) to distribute the data at appropriate levels.

The distribution architecture will vary widely depending upon the objective of the lead generation. Acquisition function may include Web landing pages or sales interfaces.

Frequently asked questions

Why is lead management important for your organisation?
The process of managing leads helps businesses understand which tactics are bringing in the best leads, so you can optimize your sales strategy to be both effective and efficient.
How Does Lead Management Improve Your Sales?
Lead management helps you stay in touch with potential customers, through the implementation of a lead nurturing program.
How to Score Leads?
Landing Pages, Link, Page Views, Site Search, Download, Searches, Email Clicks are some of the metrics by which you can collect visitors & score leads.